The Ultimate Pizza & Beer Pairing Guide

by | Aug 8, 2022

What’s the Best Beer to Pair with Pizza?

Pizza and beer. Some might say they’re a match made in heaven – we know it’s true. If you’re a pizza lover, it doesn’t matter how often or how often you have it; it’s always a treat.

Pizza pairings present a marriage of flavors to look forward to, and if you’re wondering which is the best beer to pair with your pizza, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve taken the time to suss out a few options and have determined that certain pizza flavors pair well with certain beers.

And we’re about to share that knowledge and a few other things with you, whether you’re in the throes of making your own thin-crust pizza, stuffed crust pizza or buying some from the local pizzeria!

Believe it or not, there are beer pairings for classic pepperoni, Margherita pizza, spicy pepperoni pizza, veggie pizza, cheese pizza, spinach pizza, and even the most obscure toppings, such as pineapple, sausage, mushroom, and olives (okay, we admit, it’s not that obscure).

The point is that there’s a perfect beer for all types of pizza – Get ready to pick your favorite brews and make the best choice for the next time you have a pizza and beer night

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What Makes Beer Pair Well With Pizza?

First and foremost, we all know why we like a few bites of our pizza favorites when planning a few beers or red and white wines.

The crust and base of a pizza, which is delightfully “bready,” does a good job of soaking up some of the alcohol, which is great if you don’t want to get too tipsy too quickly.

And, of course, if you’re planning a pizza night with friends, there’s guaranteed to be some drinking.

Besides the sheer functionality of having a bite to eat when you drink beer, there are other reasons beer pairs so well with pizza.

Great beer with just enough bitterness can bring out the flavor profiles of the pizza without overwhelming the taste sensation.

Popular Beers To Pair With Pizza

What’s your favorite pairing?

Is it lighter beer with heavy-loaded meaty pizzas?

Is it India Pale Ale with pineapple pizza?

To summarize, all you have to do is take our advice with a pinch of salt – and some fresh basil, if you so like. While these pairings are legitimate, it comes down to your personal taste.

To get you started, here are a few suggestions for combining beer with the following foods and their distinct flavor qualities.

Pale Ale & Blonde Ale

Some of the country’s most delicious craft beers are in the limelight as they do wonders for the palate when there’s an ideal pairing with your favorite pizza.

Pale Ale pairs really well with classic and spicy pepperoni pizza, much the same as Blonde Ale does – this is great news for meat lovers.

The flavor of a malty cold beer such as Pale Ale brings out the distinct tomato sauce flavors without detracting from the spicy notes of the pepperoni.

American Pale Ales are popularly paired with pizzas at restaurants, and we all know that pepperoni and spicy meat options are the OG of pizzas.

Strong Beers

Strong beers are the call of the day if you like a heavy classic cheese pizza or a few spicy flavors on a pepperoni pizza – they’re an ideal match.

People who want meat pizzas also find that anything meat-based and greasy goes well with strong beer. Classic pizza options with understated flavors do particularly well with strong beers.

Pizza and beer on table

Fruit-Tasting Beers

If you like beer that hints of fruit in the flavor or a sweet taste, let’s say, like the sweetness of pineapple, you’re in luck.

These beers pair well with pizza with interesting toppings that provide great contrast, such as buffalo chicken, chicken pizza with barbecue sauce, and any pizza with your favorite meats.

Interestingly, fruity beers pair very well with a simple Margherita or regular cheesy pizza.

Simple Lagers

Do you have a taste for a refreshing lager and a traditional Margherita pizza in your mouth?

Beer experts will tell you that even if you’re a fan of Hawaiian-style pizza, a cold beer will make it even better.

These beers seem to bring out the delectable flavors when there are onions and mushroom toppings and can even nicely bring out the sweetness of the pineapple pizza options too!

Other Alcoholic Drinks

We can’t overlook white wines and red wines when it comes to pizza, can we? We also can’t ignore the fact that there are multiple varieties of alcoholic drinks that pair well with pizza.

Wheat Ales, Amber Lagers, and Pale Lagers can make the best pizza even better.

Acidic red wines work well with cheesy pizzas, bringing out the cheese’s creamy butteriness. Fruity red wines such as Shiraz do exceptionally well when paired with mushroom and meaty pizzas.

Sweet red wines, such as Chianti, pair rather well with extra-meaty pizzas, and if you’re into veggie pizzas, a good Pinot Noir will do the trick.

On the flip side, spinach and feta are best paired with white wines, and then for a nice Rose to come into its own, pair it with a Hawaiian pizza.

Homemade pizza and beer


We all know that the best way to enjoy life and a slice of pizza is with a cold beer in your hand – it doesn’t even matter which beer you choose in the end – as long as it’s the right beer for your preferences and provides a great balance of flavors.

So grab a Blue Moon, a local Brown Ale, a good old-fashioned malt, a dark Honey Ale, dark beer, or whatever you call your chosen fav’, and enjoy.

You, a slice of pizza – any style of pizza for that matter – and a beer – it’s the perfect match!

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