pizza: Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Pizza a dip in the crystal clear waters of Greece...

I found this recipe on the Half Baked Harvest blog and I gotta tell ya, it was freakin' delicious! I tried making 2 versions of it: one following the recipe as is, and one with actual roasted red peppers (despite the name, the original recipe doesn't use actual roasted red peppers. The red peppers go on the pizza raw and get somewhat roasted while the pizza is cooked, which is why they're meant to be cut so thin.

I actually do the same thing a lot of the time when using peppers on pizza, but given the name I really wanted to try using roasted red peppers.

Here's what I discovered when trying it both ways:

The original recipe (i.e. using raw peppers) made for a really nice crunch to combat the rest of the ingredients which have a really low crunch factor. My version of the recipe (i.e. using pre-roasted red peppers) made for a really nice sweetness that played nicely with the spiciness and saltiness of the other ingredients, but it was definitely missing the crunch.

So which was better? Hard to say. I guess it depends if you'd prefer a balance of flavors or a balance of texture. You decide.

Oh, and I actually used hot hungarian salami instead of traditional pepperoni 'cause I like a little extra spice in my life. 🔥😋

You can find the original recipe here: Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Pizza by Half Baked Harvest.


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