'00' Flour - What is it and why do you love it so much?

When you first get into making your own pizza, you'll start to see the use of '00' flour used in a lot of recipes. This refers specifically to an Italian milled flour that is used in making pizza (and pasta) from scratch and is the finest milled flour you can get.

But what's the point of using super-fine flour? Well, the result is a silky-smooth, soft and supple dough. Mmm.. let's say that again - a silky-smooth, soft and supple dough. Yeah, that sounds nice, doesn't it? The dough comes out really nice and airy but can still have a bit of crunch on the crust when cooked right. I also find it easier to work with, meaning easier to mix and knead by hand. Long story short, it's definitely a flour you want to use when making your own pizza.

The only "downside" is that it's slightly more expensive than your traditional all-purpose flour and is also harder to find. That said, it's definitely worth the slightly higher expense and the potential search needed because it makes your pizza dough oh-so-delicious! If worse comes to worst, you can always buy it online - here's the one I get (I just happen to buy it locally). 


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