National Pizza Day 2023

by | Jun 27, 2022

The month of February has a very important day that allows you to celebrate the love of your life. No, it’s not Valentine’s Day. We’re talking about National Pizza Day, February 9th!

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What is National Pizza Day?

National Pizza Day is a holiday that celebrates pizza – who could say no to that?

To make pizza, a savory mixture that includes tomatoes, cheese, meat, or other toppings is spread on flattened bread dough and baked. We also use this method for Roberta’s Pizza Dough recipe.

It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? And yet, we all have a “favorite” pizza place that we prefer above all others.

Pizza has captivated the hearts and stomachs of people all over the world for decades, rising from humble origins to become a global phenomenon. Slice-by-slice, it will probably do so for years to come.

National Pizza Day holiday dedicates 24 happy and delicious hours to celebrating and honoring the glory of pizza.

When is National Pizza Day?

National Pizza Day falls on February 9th every year in the United States, and it’s all about celebrating pizza.

National Pizza Day is a favorite of restaurants, food marketers, and pizzerias, and you can get fantastic offers and discounts on pizza in any American city.

Pizza is an all-American favorite, and it comes in different varieties, from thin crust to deep dish and Chicago-style, or anything in between.

History of National Pizza Day

While it’s impossible to know the origin for sure, it’s believed the first National Pizza Day was celebrated in the 2000s.

Pizza has a long history dating back to the Romans, but the birthplace of modern-day pizza is credited to Naples, Italy. Pizza was an affordable option for the working poor who needed something they could eat fast at the time. The history of pizza shows that it wasn’t until the 19th century that everything changed.

According to legend, Queen Margherita of Savoy and King Umberto I were visiting Naples and wanted to try local specialities.

A local chef created an assortment of pizzas, and the queen loved the pizza with mozzarella the most. It was a pie topped with red tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and green basil, resembling the Italian flag.

Since then, it’s been called the Margherita pizza.

Pizza reached American shores when Italian immigrants moved to the United States for factory jobs.

Lombardi’s was opened in New York City in 1905 and received the first mercantile license in America. It’s still in operation, and if you want to experience the first real pizza in America, visit Little Italy in Manhattan for a taste!

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How To Celebrate National Pizza Day

  • Enjoy a slice or more of your favorite pizza at your favorite pizza place.
  • Check out the menus from pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Papa Murphy’s, and Little Caesars
  • Have a national pizza party!
  • There’s no better way to celebrate than a pizza party with your family, friends, or neighbors. You can even celebrate with your coworkers at the office. Order and share your favorite pizzas or even have a taste test!
  • Another great way is to make a pizza at home.
  • Get those creative juices flowing by making pizza with your family and friends. Experiment with spices, olive oil, mushrooms, and tomato sauce.Also, try other different toppings, crusts, such as thin and stuffed crusts, and sauces, and give the best pizza recipes a try!
  • Create awareness by taking pictures and sharing the images on social media with the hashtag #NationalPizzaDay.
  • Send National Pizza Day greetings, make pizza day Facebook posts, send happy pizza day messages or warm wishes, or simply wish a loved one a happy pizza day. The best thing is that there are no limits to how you celebrate this great day!
  • Catch up on some fun facts that will blow your mind.

Read Fun Facts About Pizza

Fun Facts

  • Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the US. The least favorite is anchovies, followed by eggplant, artichokes, broccoli, and pineapple.
  • Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. On any given day, 350 slices of pizza are sold in the US every second.
  • That’s 21,000 slices in minutes!
  • Three billion pizzas are eaten by Americans every year.
  • The first cities in America to sell pizza included New York, Philadelphia, Trenton, and Chicago.
  • Initially, pizzas in Italy were square, and you can find Sicilian-style pizza cooked with square-shaped or rectangle pans.
  • Pizza lovers can enjoy other pizza holidays like National Cheese Pizza Day, National Pizza Week, and National
  • Pepperoni Pizza Day.
  • Domino’s was one of the first people to make food deliveries. Today, they own over 50% of the delivery market across the country.
  • Pizza Hut was the first company in the world to deliver a pizza into outer space in 2001 through a Russian resupply rocket!

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