Video: How to Knead Dough the Tonight We Pizza Way

by | Mar 15, 2021

Video: How to Knead the Tonight We Pizza Way (secrets revealed)


You may find a variety of ways to knead your dough throughout the internet, but the basic concept is the same – work the dough so it becomes pliable, usually through a series of folds.

Kneading is one of those things that, when first getting into any sort of dough-making, can sound intimidating and may even put some people off before they begin.

But really, kneading is just a fancy word for mixing – it’s the lingo of dough makers. Since it’s only a style of mixing, there’s no real reason to be intimidated by it.

As you knead, the process will get easier and easier because the dough will become easier to work with.

It will start off sticky and will be difficult to keep from sticking to your hands or the working surface, but that’s ok. Just apply a little bit of flour when and where needed to keep the dough from sticking.

(Pro tip: It’s better to apply a little bit of flour often, rather then a lot at once.)

Sidenote – feel free to watch our video on how to kneed dough the Tonight We Pizza Way. WATCH NOW

Here at Tonight We Pizza, we follow these 3 steps:

1: Stretch

2: Fold

3: Rotate

4: Repeat

Ok, maybe 4 steps, but the idea is that you repeat the series of stretching, folding, and rotating for about 10 minutes to create a pliable dough.

To see how it’s done, check out this short video (tips included):

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