Need to know how to make thin crust pizza dough recipe? Stop wasting time, follow this guide:


Making your own pizza or Roberta’s Pizza Dough is something we are hugely passionate about. To make it extra special, let’s look learn how to make ultra thin pizza.

I use a tortilla for a lot of my recipes instead of actual pizza dough.

Thin base pizza are a healthy alternative you can whip up in no time which still packs a lot of awesome flavour.

But before you scoff at me and walk off for using a tortilla, let me explain why I do this and why it might actually be the best damn thin crust pizza you can easily throw together at home.

1: It’s so freakin’ easy. Don’t you already have tortillas laying around (maybe you call them “wraps”). Not only that, but they’re all ready to roll, err…not roll? Whatever…

2: Can anyone say crispayy? Tortillas crisp up oh-so-well. They’re crispy, they’re crunchy, they’re – oh you get the idea.

3: It’s the thinnest of the thin crust pizza. At what point does thin become too thin? Never.

If you’re not into convenient, thin crust, delicious pizza, that’s cool. You may want to check out why you should make your own pizza (dough) instead.

But if this does sound like something you could be on board with then you’ve come to the right place. Have a browse around the blog to see some of my one-of-a-kind, tastebud-tickling tortilla pizza recipes.

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