Choosing The Best Baking Steel Griddle For You

by | Jan 4, 2023

The foundation of every exceptional pizza is its dough.

Some individuals prefer a thin, crisp crust, while others prefer a thick, soft crust. A homemade pizza crust has all the desirable qualities: it is soft and chewy, crisp, and delicious.

Before taking a cheesy bite, cooking pizzas can be as challenging as making them, especially when they are homemade.

Baking stones or brick ovens are frequently mentioned, although not everyone has one at home for cooking pizza.

They are excellent for making pizzas, but they are not the only option!

Pizza steels, also known as baking steel griddles, are the relatives of pizza stones that are less well-known.

These astounding technological advancements allow you to replicate a real pizza oven in your own home.

The ideal baking steel, which is 22 lb of highly conductive thermal mass and can consistently maintain both high and low temperatures, can replicate the results of a traditional wood-fired oven to offer the greatest pizza enjoyment.

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On a griddle, pizza may be made and baked with other items.

Grilled pizza tastes delicious and is healthier than eating out. With your favorite toppings, you may personalize your pizza.

A baked steel griddle, pizza ingredients, a few other props, and cooking methods are all you need to begin cooking.

pizza on a steel griddle

Baking Steel Griddle

Among other types of cookware griddles, baking steel griddles are more than just a specialized baking tool. It gives your whole cooking experience a pleasant change.

When you turn it over, it functions as a griddle, giving you a versatile cooking option.

One of the most notable advantages of baking steel is that it allows you to make professional-quality pizzas at home.

The crust on pizzas baked on a baking sheet is just as crisp as that from the industrial oven at your favorite pizzeria.

Check out this evaluation of a baked steel griddle to learn about its other undiscovered use in the kitchen.

Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hamburgers all taste great when griddle-cooked on a baking steel griddle.

Additionally, you may use it to create the crustiest, bakery-like loaves of bread and the crispiest pizzas.

The baking steel griddle, which has a flat griddle on one side and a baking surface on the other, may be used outside of the oven as well.

It turns into a griddle or plancha when placed directly over the stovetop or cooking surface burners.

In order to better serve your cooking requirements, the baked steel griddle has a flat skillet on one side and a baking surface on the other.

Using the baking sheet, you can make bread and pizza of a professional standard directly in your home.

Each one comes out of the oven with an even golden tone and a strong, crispy crust.

You won’t have to deal with a cracked pizza stone again thanks to this baking sheet.

Pizza on steel griddle next to a pizza oven

Does The Type Of Baking Steel Griddle Matter?

One of the greatest kitchen appliances is the Baking Steel Griddle, which has a flat griddle and a baking surface on opposite sides.

It serves the same purpose as the original Baking Steel when placed in the oven with the flat side up.

Using baking griddles allows you to make pizza quicker and better, with crazily crisp crusts, better browning, and better hole structure.

Imagine all the types of bread that you can bake with the use of griddles. Not only that, but stovetop griddles can also allow you to cook other types of food recipes that you can enjoy other than pizza such as bbq or smash burgers.

However, if you’re just looking to purchase a baking griddle for use with future homemade pizza recipes that you have in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To get the greatest baking steel griddle and get the most value for your money, you must be aware of all the different varieties of steel griddles before buying one.


6 Types of Baking Steel Griddle

A good pizzeria’s scorching-hot oven can quickly make pizza with a tasty, crisp, deeply browned dough, melty, bubbling cheese, and hot, savory-sweet tomato sauce.

However, pizza is rarely that good at home. Home ovens normally have a maximum temperature of 500 to 550 degrees, however, a professional brick oven may achieve temperatures of up to 800 degrees.

Did you know that an hour of heating a good baking stone or baking steel griddle at 500 to 550 degrees produces pizzas that resemble those made in restaurant ovens the most?

But, which performs better, steel or stone?

There are several options available, most of which are spherical and about the size of a pizza.

For a broader landing zone and more adaptability for baking oblong pizzas and even lengthy loaves of bread, some bakers like models with larger, more generous rectangular shapes.

Some bakers also favor synthetic high-temperature ceramic over heavy steel since it is simpler to handle and, to be honest, bakes more slowly.

However, a few more minutes of baking time might provide inexperienced home chefs a little more versatility.

With that in mind, let’s first explore the many varieties of steel griddles to determine which one is ideal for baking and cooking.

Pizza on steel gridle in oven

1. Stainless Steel

When nickel, iron ore, chromium, silicon, molybdenum, and other raw components are fused together, stainless steel metal is created.

Numerous chemically simple substances may be found in stainless steel metal, which can combine to form a strong alloy.

Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, 100% recyclable, and simple to maintain.

Using a restaurant-quality steel griddle is the best option for cooking your mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwiches and your renowned pancakes.

Typically, this is made out of stainless steel that is at least grade 304.

This demonstrates its ability to withstand very high temperatures, how durable it is to prevent cracking, and how thick it is to cook food evenly and rapidly on griddles of poorer quality.


2. Cast Iron Pan

Iron ore is reduced in a blast furnace to create cast iron. In order to create the crude ingots known as pigs, the liquid iron is cast or poured and hardened.

The pigs are then remelted in cupola furnaces with scrap and alloying components and recast into molds to create a range of items.

Cookware made of the cast iron heats up slowly but holds the heat better than carbon steel. Cast iron is thus perfect for roasting and pan-frying. The design of cast iron skillets is conventional.

For flipping pancakes and french toast, frying eggs and sausage, toasting paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches, and other culinary tasks, the shallow sides make it simple to use spatulas and other kitchen tools.

A cast iron griddle may be used over a campfire, on any kind of stove top burner, or even induction.


3. Non-Stick

Pans and other nonstick cookware are coated with a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), often known as Teflon. Carbon and fluorine atoms make up the synthetic material Teflon.

The non-stick steel griddle is smooth for grilling surfaces and cooking surfaces for high-temperature cooking, durability, and easy cleaning.

It is made with heavy-duty, hand-cast aluminum for improved heat conductivity.

A non-stick steel griddle is excellent for cooking, particularly when preparing cheesy dishes or foods like pancakes and eggs.


4. Carbon Steel

Carbon steel may be created using either recycled or new steel, or a mix of the two. Iron and 0.12 to 2.00 percent carbon make up its composition.

The broad cooking surface of the carbon steel griddle offers enough room for anything from pilaf to steak and prawns. Any grill’s heat is no match for this griddle.

Its lightweight construction and twin-handle design make it simple to move as you cook.

In carbon steel, you may cook a wide variety of foods, including steaks, poultry, eggs, pancakes, and many more. Acidic substances are the only thing you need to be a bit cautious about.


5. Blackstone Griddle

Cold-rolled steel, which is cast iron, is the material used to make all Blackstone griddles.

There are many different griddle designs available from Blackstone, but they all share a flat-top constructed of cold-rolled steel, which is the best material for regulated cooking over the whole surface and equal heat distribution.

A black stone griddle top is constructed of carbon steel apart from that.

A Blackstone griddle may be used to prepare grilled steak, tacos, spaghetti, fajitas, egg rolls, and other foods. This may not be the greatest kind of griddle for you to utilize unless you’re cooking up little bits of meat.


6. Stovetop Griddle

If you have a large family or like cooking a lot of food, a stovetop griddle is a huge, flat pan that often occupies space over two of your stove burners.

Stove-top griddles may be made of steel, cast iron, or rarely copper and have a flat surface.

Additionally, it boasts a smooth, flat surface that is ideal for preparing breakfast items including bacon, sausages, pancakes, home fries, french toast, and eggs.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and other foods that you would typically cook in a frying pan may also be prepared on a griddle.

buns on steel griddle

Final Thoughts

We all know that making pizza is the primary usage for baking stone or steel, therefore it seems sensible that this was the key consideration for the majority of buyers.

It would be advisable to get the correct kind of baking steel griddle where you may cook other forms of food than pizzas, whether or not you are simply seeking for one to cook your homemade thin-crust pizzas.

Using a pizza stone to bake pizza or other tasty foods can be messy.

After all, cooking always involves clean-up time, and the same can be said for the pizza stone. Discover the best way to clean your pizza stone.

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