Pizza Topping Combos: Getting Creative with the Best Combos for Your Pizza

by | Aug 6, 2023

When it comes to Pizza Topping Combos, favorite toppings like pepperoni and sausage satisfy meat lovers, While bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives create a delicious combination for vegetarians. Explore classic and creative flavors that bring joy to your next pizza night.


What Is a Combination Pizza?

A combination pizza is typically loaded with toppings, including two kinds of meat, veggies, pizza sauce, cheese, and plenty of flavor.

Some additional combos might include sausage and mushrooms, ham and pineapple, or bacon and jalapenos. And of course, no combination pizza is complete without cheese! When it comes to topping combinations, the combinations are only limited by your imagination.

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Pizza Topping Combinations (Tried-and-True)

Let's explore the unique and delicious pizza topping combos that go into making a great combination pizza.

We're not just referring to any toppings; rather, we're referring to the combinations that get pizza lovers excited.

Pepperoni and Sausage Combo

The Classic Duo:

A slice of pizza with pepperoni paired with sausage is like an aria in your mouth - it hits all the right notes. The fiery bite from the pepperoni harmonizes beautifully with the rich, robust flavor of sausage, creating a symphony of taste sensations sure to please even seasoned foodies.

This dynamic duo has become such a staple among popular pizza toppings that many pizzerias wouldn't dare serve their pies without offering this winning combination.

Meat Overload

All Meat, All Flavor:

If you're someone who firmly believes there's no such thing as too much meat on your pie, then buckle up because this combo will take you for quite a ride.

A 'meat overload' typically features ham, beef, and bacon, along with our classic pair: pepperoni and sausage.

This protein-packed mix offers varied textures - crispy bacon bits here,a juicy chunk of ham or beef there. And let's not forget about how these distinct flavors work together to create something truly unique yet wonderfully familiar at every bite.

Classic Veggie

Veggies Galore :

But wait , pizzas aren't only meant for carnivores. Vegetarians also get their fair share of deliciousness. Picture bell peppers coupled with onions, mushrooms, topped off perfectly by olives .

It is more than just being tasty. research shows a diet high in vegetables can help reduce risk factors associated with chronic diseases like heart disease, making this option healthy as well. (1)

Key Takeaway:

Whether you're a meat lover or veggie enthusiast, the perfect pizza topping combo awaits. The classic duo of pepperoni and sausage hits all taste notes while 'meat overload' offers varied textures. For vegetarians, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives make for a healthy yet delicious choice.

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The Ultimate Pizza Topping Combos

Now, brace yourselves for these pizza cominations.

The Supreme Pizza: A Blend of Both Worlds

Enter the world of supreme pizza, a culinary masterpiece that brings together meat toppings and veggies in perfect harmony. This is not just a matter of throwing together whatever's available; it's an exquisite mix of flavors and textures that make every morsel a delight.

Achieving The Perfect Balance

A supreme pizza, typically loaded with savory meats like pepperoni or sausage alongside fresh vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, is truly a feast for your taste buds.

But what takes this to another level is the rich tomato sauce base covered by melty mozzarella cheese, which gives us all those gooey bites we love so much.

In creating your own version at home, remember that balance is key. You wouldn't want any single topping to take center stage, overshadowing others.

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Finding Your Perfect Balance

If you're feeling adventurous, though, add unexpected yet delicious additions to your homemade pie.

Olives can bring brininess, while pineapple chunks provide a sweet contrast against salty meats (yes, Hawaiian-style). And if heat gets you going, slices of jalapenos will surely kick things up.

Other Classic Combos - Hawaiian & Cheese Pizzas

In the vast universe of pizza toppings, some combinations have emerged as undeniable classics. Two such combos that deserve a spotlight are the ever-debated Hawaiian pizza and an assortment of cheese pizzas.

The Ontarian aka Hawaiian Pizza

A combo that may have sparked countless debates worldwide—yes, we're talking about the Hawaiian pizza. This unique blend was born not on tropical islands but in Ontario, Canada.

The key ingredients? Sweet pineapple chunks paired with salty ham or Canadian bacon ontop of a traditional tomato sauce base.

This is one topping combination you either love to bits or can't stand at all. But it's this very polarity that has cemented its place in pizzerias across continents. It's all about balance here: sweetness from pineapples playing off against smoky ham creates a flavor explosion few other toppings can match.

Cheesy Delight

If your motto is 'the more cheese, the better', then multi-cheese pizzas might just be your slice of heaven (pun intended). With hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties available globally; each brings something distinct to your pizza, making every bite different than before.

Mozzarella for its stretchy texture and mild taste; cheddar for its sharpness; gorgonzola for its punchiness; feta for its crumbly tanginess; combining these could result in an incredibly rich and complex delight bound to make any cheese lover swoon.

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Less Traditional But Equally Delicious Topping Combos

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture beyond the realm of traditional pizza toppings. Let your taste buds embark on a daring expedition to sample flavors that are out of the ordinary.

Hot Wing Pizza

The first stop on this culinary journey? Hot wing pizza. Yes, we've taken two comfort food titans and fused them together in an explosion of flavor so powerful; it might just blow your mind.

This isn't any ordinary pie, though; instead of classic tomato sauce as our base layer, we've opted for tangy buffalo sauce. And what would a hot wing be without its trusty sidekick? Blue cheese or ranch dressing drizzled over shredded mozzarella and chunks of crispy fried chicken complete this winning topping combo.

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BBQ Chicken Pizza

If poultry-topped pizzas tickle your fancy but you prefer something slightly less fiery than our hot-wing inspired creation above, then BBQ chicken could be the key ingredient you need. The smoky sweetness from barbecue sauce adds depth to the flavor profile while creating perfect harmony with mild cheeses like mozzarella or gouda.

To assemble this masterpiece at home, spread some homemade BBQ Sauce onto your dough before adding cooked chicken pieces along with thinly sliced red onions and cilantro leaves for freshness. Once baked until golden brown and bubbly - prepare yourself for each bite to burst with sweet-smoky goodness.

Beefy Treats: Hamburger and Taco Pizzas

The hamburger and taco, two fast food titans, are about to be reimagined in a deliciously Italian way.

Hamburger-inspired pizzas

Taste the Unexpected: A traditional pizza base. A spread of classic tomato sauce. Then comes ground beef seasoned just right with your favorite spices. But wait. A tantalizing mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese adds an extra flavor punch.

Add some burger staples like onions or pickles, perhaps even lettuce or tomatoes if you're feeling adventurous. And why not throw in some bacon while we're at it? The possibilities here are endless.Here's how others have done it before, but remember, this is your creation.

Taco-inspired Pizzas

Dive into Fusion: Now let's talk tacos on a pizza crust. It starts off similar to its hamburger cousin but takes a spicy turn with Mexican-seasoned ground beef as the key ingredient.

Pile up shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes along with olives and jalapenos for that authentic taste of south-of-the-border cuisine. Sprinkle sharp cheddar over everything before baking until golden brown perfection emerges from your oven.

Sour cream drizzle? Guacamole dollop? Why not both?. This culinary adventure awaits those who dare venture beyond conventional boundaries. Let these recipes guide you through uncharted territory, where pizzas meet burgers and tacos head-on.

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Unorthodox Yet Scrumptious Pizza Topping Combos

Who says pizza toppings have to be traditional? Let's explore a bit - instead of thinking out the box, let's think that 'the box doesn't exist'.

Breakfast-themed Pizza Topping Combos

Boldly Go Beyond Traditional Toppings:

Envision the possibility of having pizza for breakfast - it's not as implausible as you might think. Imagine waking up to warm, crispy crust topped with Monterey jack cheese, bacon strips, scrambled eggs - all held together by a creamy mayo spread.

The result is nothing short of culinary brilliance that takes 'breakfast in bed' to new heights.

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Margherita Twist

A Classic Reinvented:

The humble Margherita has long been celebrated for its simplicity; fresh basil leaves strewn over molten mozzarella atop tomato sauce-slathered dough. But what if we could make this classic even better?

Tweak tradition by swapping regular basil with Thai basil or add thinly sliced prosciutto ham after baking. Small changes like these can enhance flavor profiles without straying too far from what makes this pizza beloved worldwide.

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The Transformative BLT

If sandwiches can inspire pizzas (think Philly Cheesesteak Pizza), why not bring another iconic sandwich onto our pies?

Enter the Bacon Lettuce Tomato (BLT) transformation.

(Bonus): Try this quick BLT pizza recipe!

Cook shredded mozzarella and crumbled bacon on your dough until golden brown then layer crisp lettuce leaves followed by juicy slices of tomato before drizzling ranch dressing across.

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FAQs in Relation to Best Pizza Topping Combos

What is a good combination of pizza toppings?

A classic combo like pepperoni and sausage never disappoints. For vegetarians, bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives are a tasty trio.

What are the 3 best toppings for pizza?

This varies by personal preference, but popular choices include pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. These three provide a balance of meaty savoriness and fresh crunch.

What is the world's Favorite pizza topping?

Globally speaking, mozzarella cheese takes top honors as an essential ingredient in most pizzas worldwide due to its meltability and mild flavor.


Exploring the world of pizza toppings has taken us on a delicious journey. We've discovered tried-and-true combinations that never fail to satisfy.

We ventured into the realm of supreme pizzas, where meat and veggies coexist in perfect harmony.

Hawaiian and cheese pizzas proved their worth as classic combos with unique twists. Unconventional choices like hot wing or BBQ chicken toppings have shown us there's more to pizza than just pepperoni.

Beefy delights like hamburger and taco inspired pizzas pushed our culinary boundaries even further, proving that fast food can find its place atop a pie too!

The real fun began when we delved into unorthodox yet scrumptious options, breakfast themed pies, Margherita with a twist, and even transforming BLT sandwiches into delightful slices!

In essence, the best pizza topping combos are those that tantalize your taste buds while keeping you excited for every bite. The choices are infinite; it's all about discovering tastes and having a blast simultaneously.

is here to guide you through this flavorful adventure! Whether you're looking for new recipes or tips on making perfect dough at home, we've got everything covered!

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